Renhao Weiye Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.
주요 제품:새로운 에너지 전기 자동차 커넥터, 높은 전류 배터리 에너지 저장 커넥터 전원 케이블 빠른 연결 SURLOK, 고전압 HV HVIL HVSL 커넥터 인터록, EV TESLA 충전기 충전 커넥터 케이블, MSD 퓨즈 수동 서비스 분리
5YRSRenhao Weiye Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

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Renhotec established in 2008, it is a developing firm specializing in design,manufacturer and marketing NEW Energy Electric Vehicle Connector,HV Energy Storage Battery Connector,Power Cable Connector,Quick Connect Connector,HVIL High Voltage Current EV Charger Connector,RF electronic coaxial connectors,Cable Assemblies,Industrial Circular M12 Plug Socket Cable,Sensor connector M5 M8 M12 M16 M23 and related accessories.Renhotec aimed to offer you Excellent Products with First-Rate Service.We believe our company can definitely provide more value to our customer!
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공장 이름
Dongguan Dosin Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd.
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>10 Years
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Above $10 Million
생산 능력
(제품 이름)NEW Energy Electric Vehicle Connector; (연간 생산량) 99999999 Piece/Pieces
(제품 이름)RF Connector Assembly Adapter; (연간 생산량) 99999999 Piece/Pieces
(제품 이름)Industrial Circular M12 Plug Socket Cable; (연간 생산량) 99999999 Piece/Pieces